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Put to the Test, Part 2

Select Street & Racing Technology (SRT®) Powertrain Tests SRT Duty Cycle: The SRT duty cycle includes a simulated run on a road course. We

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What Goes into Vehicle Durability Testing?

Vehicle durability tests are designed to compress a typical vehicle life into a short period of time. These include tests to measure structural

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In 2010, Mopar® introduced the Mopar ’10 — the first limited-edition vehicle in an on-going series. Since then, Mopar has produced more than

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Mopar Diecast Dedication!

I can't recall exactly when I began collecting the die cast cars; we have two boys and we would buy them the Hot Wheels or Matchbox vehicles. As I

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Put to the Test (Part 1 of 2)

The powertrains found in FCA US LLC vehicles are designed and engineered under incredibly demanding conditions, each enduring rigorous, data-driven

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12 Dodge Challenger Accessories

Ready to give your Dodge Challenger a new look at feel? Here are 12 accessories – for inside and outside your vehicle — to